A Reliable Partner in doing business

Insight Capital is a newly-established Investment Banking boutique providing services to companies operating in Greece and in the neighbouring countries.
Focusing on the middle and upper market, at Insight Capital, we combine industry expertise with superior transaction execution capabilities to achieve extraordinary outcomes for our clients. We like to create a close working relationship with each of our clients through integration with their own project teams and through regular and clear communication.
Insight Capital is licensed to act as financial advisor to legal entities willing to list their securities (equity and/or debt) on the Alternative Market (EN.A.) of the Athens Exchange.

Why Insight Capital

Our Vision

is to lead corporations into a new era by helping them to navigate through unsettled financial times, caused by the deepest and most complex financial crisis in this country’s recent history.

Our Statement

is to guide our clients through persistently difficult markets by providing them with top-quality investment  banking advisory services, resulting in solutions which are realistic, straightforward and can be expeditiously implemented.

Our Advantage

is the independency from financial institutions, ensuring that our services are free from conflict of interest, a disadvantage that is inherent in traditional   banking outfits.  Our independence enables us to objectively examine all possible structures and  alternatives.  With a pragmatic and pro-active approach  to our engagements, our advice is given from a truly independent perspective, ensuring unbiased, optimal solutions for all our clients’ financial needs.


The Team

Who we are

We are a team of (6) highly-experienced financial professionals with an enviable investment banking background, as well as a long and proven track record. 

Our Staff

  • averages 15 years of collective Investment Banking experience,
  • has executed over 40 investment banking transaction covering the full spectrum of the industry, namely IPOs, secondary offerings, M&As, privatizations, PIPEs, debt issuances, refinancings, operational and financial restructurings and liquidations,
  • has executed several venture capital investments,
  • has acted on behalf of entities falling part of the private as well as the public sector.


Transactions of Reference

Some of the transactions our staff has worked on:

Company Sector Transaction Type
A B Vassilopoulos S.A. Food Retailer IPO
NIKAS S.A. Cold Cuts Producer IPO
Mouzakis S.A. Yarn Manufacturer IPO
Hellenic Sugar Industry S.A. Sugar Producer IPO
Sidenor S.A. Steel Products Manufacturer Floatation via M&A
Halcor S.A. Coper Products Manufacturer Floatation via M&A
ETEM S.A. Aluminum Products Floatation via M&A
Sylver & Barite S.A. Mineral Products Floatation via M&A
Inform Lykos S.A. Information Management Services Private Equity Investment
Corinth Canal S.A. Canal Management Privatization via Concession Aggrement
Fimisco S.A. Mining & Refractory Liquidation of legal entity
Eleusis Bauxite S.A. Mining Liquidation of legal entity
Hellenic Pertoleum S.A. Energy Sector Privatization via M&A
Alumil S.A. Aluminum Products Secondary Offering
Mytilineos Group Group of Companies Secondary Offering
A B Vassilopoulos S.A. Food Retailer Majority trade sale (M&A)
Euromedia S.A. Healthcare PIPE / Convertible Bond
Euromedia S.A. Healthcare Debt Restructuring
Viochartiki S.A. Paper Mill Restructuring through Court Proceedings
Larsinos S.A. Quarry Products / Ready Mix Debt Restructuring
Kastaniotis Publications S.A. Publications Debt Restructuring and new financing
Europack Ltd Packaging Debt Restructuring and new financing
United Properties S.A. Real Estate Debt Restructuring and new financing
Scan S.A. Software M&A
Boutari S.A. Winery CRO Services (operational and financial restructuring)
Hellenic Defence Systems (ΕΑΣ) Defence Related Products OCW (out-of-court work-out)

Note:  Projects and assignments appearing in this Section have been carried out by Insight Capital’s individual team members either in their current capacity or in their capacity as employees of other companies.

Our Way

Our advisory services cover the full spectrum of public and private transactions including corporate finance, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, and project finance.
In this currently unsettled environment, we believe that it is crucial for our clients to achieve and maintain the right balance, from a financial point of view, in order to avoid unnecessary problems. As such, we place considerable emphasis in providing optimal, yet realistic solutions which can be implemented in a timely manner.


Corporate Finance

We  take  pride  in  advising  our  clients  on  a wide spectrum of strategic issues regarding their corporate and financial strategy. 
Optimal Capital Structure
We provide strategic and tactical advice pertaining to balance sheet issues. In particular, we focus on financial restructuring, including asset redeployment. 
We always favour a no-frills, realistic approach in understanding our clients’ objective and competing demands, for we know that this is the only way to sustainable benefits.
We also use a wide variety of analytical tools, giving due consideration to the interrelation between optimal allocation of financial resources and maximization of value to the shareholder. 
Above all, we place great importance on effectiveness of implementation both in terms of time and cost.

Liability Management

We work closely with our clients to configure their liability profile and ascertain their balance sheet and cash flow needs. As a result, we are able to provide optimal, yet realistic solutions and execution alternatives which meet our clients’ specific needs.

Capital Markets Advisory

We provide tailor-made advice, always strictly adhering to a client’s particular requirements. Our strength is in seeking innovative solutions that can also be implemented cost-effectively and, quite often, within a strict time frame.
Debt Capital Markets
We analyse thoroughly the specific needs of a particular client to prioritize his objectives in any given environment.  This allows us to propose financial structures that best fit client’s needs, culminating in a balanced solution. 
We negotiate alternative structures for existing and new debt on behalf of our clients, providing them with expert advice on enhancing liquidity and competitiveness. 
In addition, being fully aware of the market’s current state, we may propose solutions which can be implemented gradually, with clearly-set milestones.

Equity Capital Markets

Equity Capital Markets

In Equity Capital Markets, we focus on solutions which are tailored specifically to a client’s particular situation.  Our services include both strategic and tactical advice on the origination and execution of all kinds of equity capital market transactions.  We accomplish this by leveraging the extensive experience of our staff, which combines in-depth industry knowledge with expertise on all equity or equity-like assignments.  As a result, we provide innovative, objective yet realistic alternatives on strictly set time frames and we assist our clients in all phases, from inception to financial closing and flotation of securities.  In addition, depending on the assignment, we will cooperate with other experts in order to bring a deal to a successful conclusion.

M&A and Strategic Advisory

We place emphasis on assisting our clients to achieve their strategic and financial goals, often in situations which are challenging and complex. Our area of expertise covers M&A, divestitures, spin-offs and various types of asset redeployment assignments.  Acting either for a buyer or a seller, our clients enjoy the assurance that the advice we provide is free from any conflict of interest, which is inherent in traditional banking outfits.

Acquisition Finance

We have great expertise in structuring and arranging a wide range of acquisition financing schemes.

M&A Advisory

M&A Advisory

We constantly seek new ways of realizing value from corporate assets, with innovative strategies for optimizing business portfolia.  Our services include evaluating potential targets or merger partners, providing valuation analyses and evaluating and proposing financial and strategic alternatives giving due consideration to unleashing hidden synergies and focusing on key drivers.  We advise on strategy, timing, structure, financing and pricing.  We assist in negotiating and closing a particular transaction.  We coordinate all other expert advisors that may be engaged, all the way to closing of a transaction.

Restructuring - CRO Duties

We act as advisors to companies confronted with inability to timely meet debt and other payment obligations due to liquidity issues and financial distress.  On our clients’ behalf, we negotiate to re-profile delinquent debts in order to restore liquidity. At the same time, we apply a bottom-up  approach  in redesigning our clients’ overall operations in order to restore profitability on a permanent basis.  In doing so, we encourage our clients to reconsider their competitive advantages in a wholly new business  environment, including divesting from less  lucrative businesses and from no-value accretive segments or assets.
Considering that, restructuring is a preferable alternative to bankruptcy, we always take a pragmatic approach: we negotiate with clients and lenders and other debtors, to re-profile obligations in order to eliminate  cash  flow  shortfalls  and  avoid  litigation.
On individual projects — being refinancing or workouts — we also advise our clients in fund raising (equity and/or debt) in order to facilitate and  expedite the successful restructuring of the business.

Project Finance

We provide premium Project Finance services to companies for a wide variety of assignments. Our services are customized according to the capital that is required, the various risks associated with the project and other parameters that need to be accounted for.
We customize our services according to the requirements of our clients, following a detailed assessment of their market position and size. If needed, we may set-up a specialist team comprising experts across a wide range of industries, to meet the demands of a particular assignment.



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